About Lyngum

Who we are

Lyngum is an affordable luxury product and a first true "Masstige" product from Asia. Lyngum is a community of like-minded people and partners, who we are working for the upliftment of craftsmen in India and bringing luxurious products to the unreached markets. The name "Lyngum" signifies high creative energy and is our exclusive brand.

Our Story

Our passion for handcrafted products have taken us to the homes of some of the most skilled artisans in India. What they create are not simply artefacts, but the harvest of years of challenges, perseverance and a pursuit for perfection. We aim to be an extension of the artisan's Studio, bringing to you all things handmade of the finest craftsmanship and quality from India


"Reaching the unreached, Revival of dying arts of India"


In a modern world of automated and machine-made products, a handcrafted item intrigues anyone. Products made by hand each have a story of their own. Each crafted item, shaped, reshaped and mastered carefully results in unique art pieces that are slightly different from the other because no two handmade products can turn out exactly the same.

Fair Trade

Lyngum endeavour to provide all our partner artisans and craftsmen better work conditions, access to a larger marketplace and a fairer price for their products.
At the same time, we strive to provide customers around the world the opportunity to purchase Affordable Luxury products, which are unique in design and style, at the convenience of a click.


  • Research
  • Develop
  • Share knowledge, culture and tradition

Since the 1990s, globalized marketplaces have opened up in India for goods from other countries. But cultural pressures to modernize are mostly directed toward the upper class. It was only the educated upper castes that had the option to move laterally and go from one kind of work to something else. The under castes did not have access to that kind of education or options. So this kept them rooted in their traditional identity and they kept to their craft skills, partly because of forced immobility and the contained identity that was their only identity.

We like to provide as much opportunity as possible to share knowledge by passing on the skills to train future generations, to the buyers at large. This not only develops a market but is a way to eliminate the duplicate stuff that has entered the markets in the name of original and authentic crafts.