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Potli Bag

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Golden Beadwork handcrafted potli bag

$ 35

Color: Pink

Dimensions: 8 X 8.5

Material: Satin cloth and beads

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These handbags involve intricate embroidery with glass beads on a cloth setting called “adda”. The luxury and beauty of these items is in the detailed work. The embroidery is usually done on a satin cloth and the methods are traditionally followed within members of the family in Rural artisans. This work is hugely inspired by the mughal designs in India, but over the years has been suitably blended with contemporary fashion. These bright handmade pieces are apt for gifting, to pair with a party wear or even as an accessory to enhance your simple evening wear. Because each piece is made with hand, all pieces may not be exactly identical. That’s the beauty of exclusive luxury products.

  • Do not wash.
  • Store in a fabric cover away from moisture for durability.

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